Arcade1Up Countercade Pac-Mac 40th Anniversary Cabinet Machine

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Pac-Man Counter-Cade 40th Anniversary

Pac-Man stole the hearts of millions when it was released in 1980. 40 years later, Arcade1Up commemorates the anniversary with this special edition multiplay counter-cade. It features four classic Namco games from the era, each one a masterpiece in its own right.

The Arcade1Up Counter-Cade is designed, as it sounds, to sit on a counter-top, table or desk. Compact and ergonomic, it’s perfect for busy homes, cluttered offices, and anywhere where space is limited. Simply switch it on, choose your game from the intuitive menu, and start playing four of the greatest games in arcade history.

Four Iconic Games

With four classic Namco games loaded up and ready to play, make boredom a thing of the past! Choose Pac-Man, the original maze-running game where you collect Pac-Dots and fruit, avoiding dangerous ghosts. Or switch to Dig Dug, the iconic tunnelling game where you can pop your enemies or even drop rocks on them. Collect points and defeat enemies to advance through the levels.

Another iconic game in the Pac-Man franchise is Pac & Pal. With enhanced graphics and gameplay over the original Pac-Man, you’ll love the new look, the exciting power-ups and of course your faithful companion, Pal, who recovers the items that you collect and helps you on your way. And finally, for a hit of real arcade nostalgia, the Counter-Cade includes the classic space shoot-em-up Galaga, where you battle your way through waves of enemy alien spaceships.

Totally Authentic & Fully Licensed

The Counter-Cade is small in size – but huge on fun. With a central four-way joystick, multiple fire buttons, and console artwork that is based on the original Pac-Man, you can take control of any game immediately. Invite a friend for two-player games, which are turn-based and encourage competition for the highest score.

It’s so easy to use. Simply switch it on, choose your game with the intuitive menu system, and get playing. And it comes fully assembled too, so you can get started as soon as you open the box!

Key Features

  • Compact tabletop arcade machine.
  • Includes four iconic Namco titles:
    • Pac-Man
    • Pac & Pal
    • Galaga
    • Dig Dug
  • For one or two players.
  • Fully licensed game software & graphics.
  • Small cabinet stands just 16 inches high.
  • Licensed & approved by Namco.
  • Stereo sound.
  • 8-inch LCD monitor.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Easy-to-use game menu.
  • Fully assembled & ready to play.
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