Hifiman Shangri-La SR Electrostatic Headphones & Amp System

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The HIFIMAN Shangri-La Sr System includes the Hifiman Shangri-La Sr electrostatic headphones and a Hifiman Shangri-La Sr electrostatic headphone amplifier. Featuring four vacuum tubes and durable aluminum alloy construction, the amplifier drives the headphones to produce a wide frequency response with low distortion. Designed for audiophiles, the Shangri-La Sr System offers balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs for connection to a variety of signal sources such as media players, DACs, or phono preamps.

Hifiman Shangri-La Sr Electrostatic Over-Ear Headphones

The HIFIMAN Shangri-La Sr Electrostatic Over-Ear Headphones are open-back headphones designed to deliver detailed reproduction of dynamics and frequencies. When driven by the Shangri-La Sr headphone amplifier (available separately), the headphones yield a 7 Hz to 120 kHz frequency response via low-distortion Nanotech drivers. Acoustically transparent mesh grating and nanometer-thick dust covers protect the diaphragms without compromising sonic integrity.

The combination of lightweight aluminum alloy construction, padded earcups, and a hybrid headband design ensures comfortable wearing even for extended periods of time. The 6.6′ attached cable is terminated with a 5-pin headphone connector, which allows direct hookup to a compatible electrostatic headphone amplifier.

Key Features
  • Nanotech drivers are less than 0.001mm thick and couple fast transient response with near-zero distortion
  • Nano-particle coated diaphragms provide extended high-frequency response
  • Metal mesh stators work close to the diaphragms for enhanced openness and minimized distortion
  • Stator frames incorporate special alloys to ensure sonic stability and reduce distortion
  • At only 50µm thick, the mesh grating allows sound waves below 1 MHz to pass though
  • 550 to 650V bias voltage
  • Ergonomic and lightweight construction
Hifiman Shangri-La Sr Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

The HIFIMAN Shangri-La Sr Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier is designed to drive and complement Shangri-La Sr electrostatic headphones. Its enclosure—constructed of an aviation-grade aluminum alloy and topped with a tempered glass panel—is adorned with four 6SN7 vacuum tubes and four custom-made 300B tubes, which deliver warm tone and consistent output power for the Shangri-La Sr headphones (available separately). The volume level is controlled via a 24-step attenuator with 23 separate resistors.

A rear-panel switch allows easy selection of either stereo input—balanced XLR 3-pin or unbalanced RCA coaxial. The selected input is fed through the internal circuitry and externally mounted tubes to the two 5-pin female headphone outputs, allowing simultaneous connection of two pairs of Shangri-La Sr headphones.

Key Features
  • Eight vacuum tubes—four 6SN7s and four custom-designed, custom-made 300Bs—sit atop the amplifier
  • The 300B tubes work as the direct driving stage with no capacitors or transformers between the tubes and your headphones
  • Relay-based attenuator with 23 separate resistors enables 24-step volume control
  • Durable aviation-grade aluminum alloy with contrasting tempered glass top panel
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