Focal Bathys Wireless noise-cancelling headphones

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The Bathys is being continually improved upon by Focal! Some exciting new features have launched on the Bathys via a Firmware update in March of 2023.

Improvements and New Features

  • Sidetone: Sidetone is a small amount of your own voice that’s piped into your ear speaker as you speak. This sound confirms that your microphone is operating properly, and allows you to adjust your speaking volume to a proper level (not too loud, and not too quiet)(you can turn it on or off on the Focal & Naim App).
  • Dynamic EQ Preset: This new EQ preset is close to the reference ‘Harman target’ which is considered the optimal sound signature that most people prefer in their headphones.
  • Customizable EQ: The Bathys EQ within the Focal & Naim App can now be changed without any music playing.
  • More Features: Head over to the Apple App Store on Android Store to read about more updates for the Bathys.

It seemed like an impossible ask: Wireless and active noise-canceling headphones by a company absolutely committed to high-fidelity, accurate, beautiful sound. Focal has taken the design, technology, and materials of industry-leading headphones like the Stellia and Celestee, cut some weight, and added a lot of advanced technology. This is a first for Focal, and a huge step forward for the industry.

You’ll experience a balanced and neutral sound that’s faithful to the source, but influenced by Focal’s award-winning approach to dynamics, punchiness, and lively reproduction. Either way, these are probably the headphones you’ll end up using the most.

The result is a comfortable, easy-to-use set of headphones that wrings every last bit of quality out of the latest Bluetooth wireless codecs but also gives you the option of an excellent wired experience via USB-C and its built-in DAC. And it will last you all week: 30+ hours of listening on a full charge. Running low? Rapid-charging gives you five extra listening hours in just 15 minutes.

Exceptional sound quality at home and on the go

Enjoy authentic, precise, and vibrant sound. The Bathys design is inherited from Focal’s industry-leading open- and closed-back headphones. With their aluminum and magnesium dome, the Bathys speaker drivers deliver a deep bass, soft trebles and a clear mid-range, for an extremely precise sound.

Refined, comfortable, and durable design

Designed to be lighter, compact and ergonomic, Bathys is the ideal travel companion. Lightweight aluminum construction, robust magnesium yokes, and breathable leather and microfiber surfaces offer comfortable long-term wear for any head size or shape. It looks good and feels even better.

Any device, any where you go, all week long

Bluetooth 5.1 Multipoint with iOS and Google compatibility means you can move seamlessly between multiple devices.

Bathys’ fast-charging feature gives you five additional battery hours in 15 minutes of charging. A full charge only takes one hour and 30 minutes.

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