64 Audio U4s In-Ear Headphones

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64 Audio is entering the $1099 price bracket with a phenomenal offering in the 64 Audio U4s in-ear headphone, 64 Audio’s most affordable universal IEM to date.

The 64 Audio U4s in-ear monitor (IEM) is a 4-driver, hybrid IEM with a powerful Dynamic low-frequency driver that results in powerful punch in the low-end. The U4s is the perfect IEM for anyone looking for a rich, enveloping listening experience. The U4s has bass and treble extension in spades. Notes have a generous sense of weight to their transients due to the strong bass boost and thicker midrange.

The U4s also comes with 4 different tuning modules so you can tune them to your liking. The 64 Audio U4s offer’s 64 Audio’s MX, the new M12, M15 and M20 modules that will all make varying differences in how you experience the bass and treble on the U4s with the MX being the least amount of bass to the M20 being the most. Flexibility at your fingertips!

The 64 Audio U4s is our pick for the top IEM at the $1099 price category. There really is no competition.

64 Audio U4s Sound Profile

The frequency response of U4s follows proven targets for fidelity and preference. It’s powerful, enveloping, and deep while avoiding being muddy; this kind of bass can only be produced by a dynamic driver.

U4s comes short of being classified as warm, rather it is like a tight and agile stand-mount speaker with a well implemented sub. The key to this is how the low-frequency rise starts low enough to keep out of the mid-bass.

Mids are revealing and present, contributing greatly to its wide stereo imaging and separation. U4s’ perfect balance of presence and body lends itself well to every type of music and volume preference.

High frequency response toes the line between neutral and detailed. Mixes that are typically “bright sounding” translate nicely without being harsh or fatiguing.

Bumping Blue Beats

The U4s ergonomic anodized aluminum shell houses a single dynamic driver, two balanced-armature drivers, and one patented tia driver; all weaved together with 64 Audio’s patented Tia, LID, and Apex technology. The four-way crossover is elevated with the use of 64 Audio’s proprietary electronic low-pass filter; reducing low-frequency distortion. The assortment of included apex modules and ear tips are an invitation to further shape the sound based on preference and source material while the ultra-low impedance premium silver-plated copper cable ensures unimpeded signal transmission.

The dissemination of tia technology within our product range brings that classic 64 Audio sound signature to a new price-point. U4s sounds light on its feet while effortlessly delivering physically engaging sub- bass without bleeding into the mid-bass. Balanced mid frequencies and a pleasant high-mid band respond well to a wide array of music and recording styles at every volume level; present but not fatiguing. The tia high-driver’s open airy quality couples with the extended sound-stage provided by apex for a lifelike sonic experience.

Incredible sound at an affordable price

Taking everything 64 Audio’s team of talented engineers have learned over the years, 64 Audio has built the ultimate IEM if you’re chasing a U-Shaped sound signature.

With the rising prices in the headphone market, 64 Audio has come out of the gates swinging with a perfectly priced offering that is bound to get audiophiles and muscians bobbing their heads in unison.

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