64 Audio U12t In-Ear Headphones

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Our Take: The 64 Audio U12t is the quintessential endgame IEM for anyone looking for a natural sound. With detail in spades, the U12t delivers just enough bass impact with it’s balanced armature drivers that it doesn’t fall into boring territory like other BA IEMs but it also doesn’t add an extreme amount of colour to the sound. The U12t is a staff favourite and has been years and will continue to be one of our top picks for years to come.

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64 Audio U12t In-Ear Monitor Headphones | Available on Headphones.com

The 64 AUDIO U12t Universal-Fit earphones with patent-pending tia™ technology provide the ultimate personal listening experience for audio professionals and the most discerning audiophiles. Incorporating the tia single-bore with 4 low drivers, 6 mid drivers, and the incredibly smooth tia high and high-mid drivers improves the already lively and three-dimensional soundstage.

64 Audio U12t In-Ear Monitor Headphones | Available on Headphones.com

The tia high-driver, located just inside the sound stem, completes the highs with a clean, smooth, and beautifully extended top-end. Lower-mids were masterfully refined while the low-frequency response remains intact, providing the familiar, warm and engaging sound of the U12. All of this technology is housed in an ergonomic aluminum shell for unmatched durability and beauty with a gorgeous brushed aluminum faceplate. The U12t with tia technology stands head and shoulders above the competition, offering a far superior listening experience with an immersive sound and impeccable spatial imaging.

64 Audio U12t In-Ear Monitor Headphones | Available on Headphones.com

Featured in the U12t is apex™, a pneumatically-interactive vent that relieves fatigue-causing sound pressure inherent in other earphone designs. Also featured is LID technology, ensuring the U12t maintains its sound signature regardless of the source – perfect for musicians and music lovers plugging into a variety of equipment.

64 Audio U12t In-Ear Headphones M15 Module | Available on Headphones.com

Key Features

    The tia high driver is located in the tia single bore (canal stem). Because of the extremely short sound path of the high driver, we’ve achieved a remarkable high-frequency extension and smoothness.
  • APEX
    A revolutionary technology that eliminates pneumatic pressure that causes excessive eardrum movement. By removing pneumatic pressure from the ear canal, sound is felt to be more spacious and outside the head when compared to traditional earphones.
  • Center Drive
    A superior balanced armature driver design that pushes the diaphragms in the center. This yields a deeper, more dynamic bass response.
    The single-bore design is a huge leap in eliminating unwanted tube resonance. The large bore itself serves as a sound-shaping chamber and aids the tia high driver in delivering a linear and coherent frequency response.
    The patent-pending Linear Impedance Design allows the earphone to retain its intended frequency response no matter the source it’s plugged in to.
    The body of the earphones are machined out of a solid piece of aluminum for ultimate durability and feature a beautiful matte finish.

Check out Andrew Park’s (@Resolve) written review of the 64 Audio U12T.

“The U12T feels like a meticulously crafted and well-calculated execution of good ideas.”


From 64 Audio

The U12t does it all, delivering immersive sound and impeccable spatial imaging. It’s clean highs extend beautifully with a warm and engaging low-end response – just like its custom counterpart, the A12t. Offering reference-level detail, this IEM is among the best for multi-instrumentalists, engineers, sound monitors, and audiophiles.

Each ergonomic shell is machined out of a solid piece of aluminum and finished with an elegant brushed aluminum faceplate.

Technical Specifications

  • Driver Type/Count: Twelve precision balanced armature drivers
  • Driver Configuration: 1 tia high, 1 high-mid, 6 mid, 4 low
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108db dB/mW
  • Impedance: 12.6 +1/-2 Ω from 10Hz – 20kHz
  • Crossover: Integrated 4-way passive crossover
  • Isolation: -20dB w/ m20 module, -15dB w/ m15 module

In The Box

  • U12t Universal In-Ear Monitors
  • 64 Audio Sticker
  • 64 Audio Premium Leather Case
  • TrueFidelity Eartips (S,M,L)
  • Silicone Eartips (S,M,L)
  • 48″ Detachable Premium Cable
  • m20 apex Modules
  • m15 apex Modules
  • mX apex Modules


Driver Type/CountTwelve precision balanced armature drivers
Driver Configuration1 tia high
1 high-mid
6 mid
4 low
Frequency Response10Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity108db dB/mW
Impedance12.6 +1/-2 Ω from 10Hz – 20kHz
CrossoverIntegrated 4-way passive crossover
Isolation-20dB w/ m20 module
-15dB w/ m15 module
-10dB w/ mX module
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