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MicroBT Whatsminer M53: Revolutionizing SHA-256 Algorithm Mining

The MicroBT Whatsminer M53 is a cutting-edge SHA-256 algorithm cryptocurrency miner built to provide exceptional hashrate, power efficiency, and reliability. Boasting advanced features and a robust design, the M53 sets new benchmarks in cryptocurrency mining technology.

Key Features:

  • Impressive Hashrate: The M53 achieves a remarkable hashrate of 230Th/s, ensuring efficient and high-performance cryptocurrency mining operations.
  • Power Efficiency: With a power consumption of 6670W, the M53 minimizes electricity costs while maximizing profitability for miners.
  • Hydro Cooling Technology: The M53 integrates state-of-the-art liquid cooling technology to prevent overheating, ensuring consistent high performance with reduced downtime.
  • Environmental Focus: The M53 Hydro ensures energy savings and environmental protection through immersion mining, contributing to a sustainable mining approach.


  • Manufacturer: MicroBT Whatsminer
  • Model: M53
  • Release: May 2023
  • Size: 86×482.6x663mm
  • Weight: 27.5 Kg
  • Power: 6670 W
  • AC Input Voltage: AC 380~480, 3W+ ground, input 10KW
  • Interface: Ethernet

Mineable Coins:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Joulecoin (XJO)
  • Peercoin (PPC)
  • eMark (DEM)
  • Acoin (ACOIN)
  • Curecoin (CURE)
  • Unbreakable (UNB)
  • Crown (CRW)
  • Terracoin (TRC)

Environmental and Operational Requirements:

  • Inlet Water Temperature Control: Constant control of inlet water temperature with control precision of ±2°C, ensuring stable machine performance.
  • Inlet Flow Control: Constant control of influent flow with control precision of ±10%, maintaining consistent water flow for optimal operation.
  • Server Inlet Water Pressure Control: Control range of ≤ 305kpa to protect the internal water system of the machine.
  • Liquid Media Control: Requirements for primary deionized water, conductivity, and pH control to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Warranty and Customer Support:

  • Warranty: MicroBT provides a 1-year warranty period, offering users maintenance services within the scope of the warranty.
  • After-Sales Policy: Honest and consistent after-sales service, reflecting MicroBT’s commitment to customer satisfaction and support.

Purchase Terms:

  • Payment Options: Payment by cryptocurrency (BTC, USDC) via Coinbase, with real-time exchange rate conversion.
  • Taxes and Customs Duties: MicroBT products are excluded from value-added taxes and customs duties.

In summary, the MicroBT Whatsminer M53 represents a paradigm shift in SHA-256 algorithm cryptocurrency mining, offering exceptional hashrate, power efficiency, and environmental focus. With its advanced features, robust design, and comprehensive warranty support, the M53 is the ultimate choice for maximizing cryptocurrency mining operations.


ModelWhatsminer M53
ReleaseMay 2023
Size86 x 482 x 663mm
Noise level50db
Fan(s)Hydro cooling
VoltageAC 380~480
Temperature5 – 45 °C
Humidity5 – 95 %
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